An old woman lives in Daghestan and she has almost no one.

Her two sons, her two main supports passed away with the will of Almighty God  too soon than any parents would wish.

She has a grandson who studies in a madrasa with the will of Allah. And she has also a very strong faith that keeps her spirit. She works because she has to move on and to help others.

Surprisingly but living in a rented apartment , paying her half of the salary she finds in the remaining money a share for those who may need more than her. Every Friday she consistently  brings charity at the rate of 200 roubles to the fund “Insan” with the intention to help those who need it more.

And there are those of us, who eat in a café, live in a nice house, have a permanent income, but forget that all this property is from Allah, and there are brothers and sisters who need support.  The greater our success the easier it is to close our eyes for the needs of our neighbors.

Just remember the words of our Prophet (peace be upon him): “I and who protects the orphan will be here in heaven like these two fingers”

Don’t miss the chance and follow the wisdom of granny Patimat.

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