Kindness mentioned here is not always expensiveIt doesn’t depend on our ability and physical force. Often it’s quite simply to smile, to say a kind word, to offer support, to present a small gift of attention or to give a person your own turn.

If you desire to do good, then help for a woman with many children Chemengul Makhmudova, who lives in a trailer with her little kids. Her so-called “house” is situated on the territory of  telephone tower which is dangerous and unhealthy.

Every family has a right to decent, adequate housing and Makhmudovs also look forward to human conditions which they don’t have.
The eldest son is 6 years old. The head of the household has another family and there is practically no help from him. But you know trouble never comes alone – recently in anticipation of cold weather Chemengul has cut off the gas. Without it in the not warm trailer it got colder, in addition they imposed a fine of 30 thousand rubles for non – payment of gas. Nowadays the staff of the charity fund “Insan” purchased and delivered a heater to the family so that the room was warm.

There are no incomes in the family, formerly Chemengul used to receive an allowance for the care of a child, but when the youngest child reached the age of a year and a half  the family stopped to receive money. It is impossible for a woman with many children to buy food on her own and to deal with the issue of clothes for kids.
“ I’m trying to find a job in the bakery on the night shift, - says Makhmudova, - I feel ashamed to be asking, everyone has their own problems, but now the situation is quite helpless that there is no place for pride.”

So Chemengul can only rely on our help. If you are not indifferent person, you feel the moral obligation and would like to do good, answer our call. Helping this family is a chance to give children warm and human living conditions.

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