They are called lovely: children - butterflies. But in the medical books they have written more terrible words: epidermolysis bullosa. It makes the skin of babies fragile, like a butterfly wing. Any touch hurts. ⠀

This disease can’t be cured yet. But it is possible to relieve the condition of the patient. Bandages, medicines and ointments from abroad help to avoid injuries. But there’re not always enough funds to buy them. ⠀⠀

In September, specifically to help families of “children - butterflies”, the fund held the “Children in lieu of flowers” campaign. Its participants did not spend money on lush bouquets. They donated them to help patients with epidermolysis bullosa.

In total, 900235 rubles were raised during the event. As a result, one million rubles was spent with additional funds for the purchase of dressings. The wards of the “butterfly” foundation have already received their set of medicines. Thanks to the participants of the action for their support. You have not just raised funds for sick children. You helped them not to feel pain.


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