Sabiyat's life has never been easy. During the lifetime of her husband, the young family experienced financial difficulties. They lived in a rented apartment due to the pension received by the head of the family. But despite the difficulties, they lived happily. A young couple was a support for each other. Together they looked for ways to make money, together they built dreams of a beautiful future ... However, their plans did not come true. A terrible car accident claimed the life of her beloved husband and caring father...

Little Amina remembers her dad and really misses him. She often asks when he will return. At these moments, Sabiyat cannot hold back tears. Left with two small children, she completely gave up. Due to the stress of losing her husband, the woman was unable to take care of placing the younger child to the kindergarten.

Having learned about the situation in this family, the fund “INSAN” immediately took them in care, including them into the program “I am a guardian”. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "Whoever takes care of the orphan in his food and drink, until he stops needing, Paradise will become obligatory." Thanks to the benefactors of the “I am a guardian” program, we’ll help Sabiyat to gain the strength to live on. The fund will arrange a child to kindergarten and find a suitable job for her.

So, by the common efforts, the “I am a guardian” program ensures the full life of orphans and widows left without the support of husband.

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