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03 — 03 — 2019
Today another batch came. Follow our news line. We also remind the charitable assistance for fire victims from the village of Tisi-Akhitli continues. Anyone can help.
01 — 03 — 2019
We can’t tell you what emotions children felt. An interesting spectacle opened in front of the little wards: outlandish roosters, giant crocodiles, little porcupines. Not to go there, so much to miss.
28 — 02 — 2019
Thanks again all our sponsors for their active participation in the life of the wards of the fund “INSAN”. May the Almighty not experience us with troubles and sorrows and help all needy and low-income people.
26 — 02 — 2019
Now, young patients of the Department of Hematology and Oncology of the Republican Clinical Hospital will have the opportunity to drop a sheet with their dearest wish in the box. After that, each of us can realize the long-standing dream of a sick child.
25 — 02 — 2019
Undoubtedly, that is a great help for poor people who do not have the funds to purchase outfits for themselves and their families.
24 — 02 — 2019
The children really enjoyed the event, they played, danced, and also participated in competitive exercises. It is safe to say that the day passed well! Charitable Fund "INSAN" expresses sincere gratitude to the director of the cafe "Appetito" for the initiative.
19 — 02 — 2019
Today we see its first results. Only in a month, children engaged in mental arithmetic learned how to solve arithmetic tasks in mind just in a few seconds. Let us remind that today it is one of the most popular programs for the development of the mental and creative abilities of the child, based on the oral account system.
17 — 02 — 2019
But the accident brought her to a state of inoperability. The woman fell from the third floor and broke her leg. Sabina is at home now. She can only move on crutches. Therefore, she had to seek help at the fund.
16 — 02 — 2019
The meeting with the Mufti was attended by the general director of the fund Mukhammadrasul Akhmedov, heads of branches of the charitable fund “Insan” in the municipalities of the republic, as well as employees of the central office in Makhachkala. M. Akhmedov told Ahmad Afandi about the work done over the past year, charity events and actions, as well as plans for 2019.
14 — 02 — 2019
We hope that Anvar will use the gift for its intended purpose and will achieve good learning results with the help of it, thus he will be able to make his dream come true.
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