"Spiritual and moral education"

The aim of this program is to support teachers who have no other income and who, for the sake of the Most High, are engaged in the transfer of their knowledge to young people and the aged. The foundation takes care of young people who devote their lives to the religion of the Most High, to its spreading and formation. They teach our children the good, guard against the bad, and give the aged people the knowledge they have been deprived of.

Our society urgently needs of such training. This knowledge is needed for the younger generation not to lose itself in the circle of life, so that our children are aware what God worship is, correctly define the boundaries between what is permitted and forbidden, know the difference between five times prayer and pastime in clubs, know what is a post in the month of Ramadan and what is drugs. These teachers transmit to our children such knowledge that each of us should have given to our children, but could not because of our ignorance or lack of time.

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"Spiritual and moral education"
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