The founder of the Greek yogurt manufacturer Chobani, who has become the leader of his niche in the United States in five years, announced that he would create a fund to help refugees and invest $ 700 million in it. “The power of entrepreneurship is expressed in what you can do for society. The history of Chobani proved that if you have the right set of values, the limit is only heaven,” said in his statement the company founder Hamdi Ulukaya.

He knows personally those who have become refugees. Back in 2014, his Shepherd’s Gift Foundation allocated $ 2 million to support migrants. Ulukayya was born in Turkey to a Kurdish family. He grew up in a commune among the shepherds who were content with a little. Therefore, he was always ready to share money.

Ulukayya will donate about half of his estate over $ 700 million to the Tent foundation. Bill Gates and other entrepreneurs, who created their charitable companies, influenced him. “I believe that if we get lucky, we must give hope,” he says. Ulukayya hopes that by his steps he will inspire others for donations.


The founder of German Comterra Development believes that immigrants can become good employees in niches where there is a shortage of people. He launched a pilot project in Berlin for the employment of 900 refugees in the area of sales. The main goal is to change the attitude of companies towards migrants. Another project that they plan to launch in Berlin is the Hotel Utopia with 100 rooms in the city center, where mostly refugees will work.

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