“You give it out to everyone, but you forget to give us ...”

"Do you assist only yours?"

“They’ve got all they want, why are you giving them?!” ⠀

This is our direct after each action.

No one’s to blame that many families are left without help. They’ll also be assisted. Not today, then tomorrow, with the help of God. We help as much as possible. ⠀⠀

Last Saturday, a little more than 300 families received an average stock of products under the food campaign. ⠀

It’s not much. In fact, more than 5,000 families are waiting for help. We covered only 6% of the wards. ⠀

The Fund always publishes reporting videos. But few people can see behind them how huge the scale of the problems of the wards are, how many of them have to be refused. ⠀

Everyone’s participation in charity events is important. Not for nothing but for our sake, for our brothers and sisters, for our common future.

Let's give an example.

You must agree, many people have a habit of not rational use of funds. Consider spending at least 100 rubles a month not for a small thing, but for charity. ⠀

356000 people are subscribed to us, and you can subscribe to a regular payment of 100 rubles per month on our website fondinsan.ru. You activate the function once, and the write-offs will be held automatically every month.

Imagine 356,000 people decided to donate 100 rubles. Not 1000, but 100 a month! Most of us can afford it. And now calculate what the sum will be - 35 600 000 rubles. ⠀

Behind big numbers is much more valuable. ⠀

This is the mother’s rest who has forgotten about a dream because of the illness of her child. ⠀

This is the mother’s rest, who does not know what to feed and what to wear the child. ⠀

This is a peaceful sleep of a child under the roof of its own warm home ... ⠀

This is a lot of things ... ⠀

Know how much mercy and grace will be given to us by God for 100 rubles.

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