447 000 rubles were collected in a joint campaign of Charity Fund "Insan" and "Visage Hall"

Joint campaign of Charity Fund "Insan" and "Visage Hall" in the month of Ramadan

Part of the sales of products with a special sticker was transferred to help sick children. For buyers, it was not only a pleasant shopping experience, but also participation in a good deed. ⠀

Three seriously ill wards of the fund were able to undergo expensive specialized treatment and rehabilitation on them⠀

At the age of two, doctors diagnosed Maxim Gallev with autism. Since then, a close friendship with doctors has begun. With the help of the collected funds, Maxim was able to undergo the necessary rehabilitation.⠀

Fatima Gamzatova, suffering from hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy and other serious diseases, was paid for the rehabilitation course at the ReaSanMed medical clinic in St. Petersburg. As the girl’s mother notes, the treatment was very beneficial. Fatima, with the support of adults, can now walk, go down the stairs and walk in the yard without a wheelchair. We are sure that soon she will take her first own steps.

Sapigulla Osmanov with the severe consequences of a traumatic brain injury got the opportunity to go to the Lesnaya Polyana Center for Restorative Medicine at the annual rehabilitation course.

We thank the store “Visage Hall” @visage_hall and all the donors for their help. Thank you for giving our wards a chance for a healthy future! ⠀

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