This event took place just on the eve of the Eid al-Adha holiday. And we decided to pay attention to it, having told separately. Because this act is actually quite revealing. 

And that's why ... The main problem for those in need is the lack of their own houses. And among the wards of the "Insan" Fund there are a lot of large families and women raising children alone. For them, the housing issue is one of those that can never be solved on their own. And the more valuable is the help provided by the benefactors of the “Insan” Foundation.

The other day, the delivery of land plots from the head of the Novy Koroda administration took place. About 20 families who do not have any housing or land plot received a certificate for the site. We hope that after some time we will be able to congratulate them on their new home!

Thanks to the Chairman of the Garden Noncommercial Company "New Koroda" Abdulkadirov Shakhrudin Gusenovich for his enormous contribution to solving the housing problems of those in need.

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