A year ago, he was injured in an explosion near Damascus. Doctors had to amputate the boy's leg. A few weeks later, they also decided to amputate the second leg. But having done the impossible, the boy was transported to Moscow, where they managed to fit a prosthesis and save his leg.

This has been possible because of the Doctor Lisa Foundation, doctors of the Scientific Research Institute of the Emergency Pediatric  Surgery and Traumatology (Roshal Clinic), employees of the Investigative Committee and representatives of the Russian Guard, the children's rehabilitation center “Inspiration”, specialists of “Otto Bock” and many others!

But soon difficulties arose. It was necessary to buy a special orthopedic apparatus for a saved limb. Time was critical, money needed to be found urgently. According to the fundraiser announced by the Insan Foundation, a sponsor was found who paid for the required construction. ⠀

So Ahmad began a new life. Recently, the boy returned to his homeland. He walks by himself. Occasionally he uses walkers.

This post is about the fact that in a good case, where many people are involved, someone alone can cause a complete solution to the problem. And no matter how you help, it matters why! We conclude with the words of colleagues from the Doctor Lisa Foundation: “Thanks to everyone who helps us help.”

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