The Charity fund “INSAN” announces the start of a contest among its wards (in Dagestan) under the program “Spiritual and Moral Upbringing” on the correct performance of namaz.

Any of the wards can apply for participation. For the first prize is Hajj trip from our "Sponsors". For the second place is the refrigerator. For the third place is washing machine. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until May 5.

Conditions for the competition:

1. Only the wards of the fund “Insan” who are registered in the office of all funds in the Republic of Dagestan can take part in the competition.

2. Contestants must be at least 18 years old.

3. Applications for the competition are accepted until 5 May inclusive.

4. From the 15th to the 20th day of Ramadan, the contest itself will be held in the central Jum’ah mosque in Makhachkala.

5. Nomination - reading aloud namaz of 2 rakats.

6. Lack of Islamic education.

An expert jury, composed of theologians will assess the knowledge of the contestants.

Note: In order to improve the skills of performing one of the pillars of Islam, training courses on namaz will be held every week with the contestants of the Education Department of the Muftiat of the Republic of Dagestan. This is a unique opportunity for the wards to study all the details of performing namaz, and for somebody maybe to stand on the carpet and turn to the Creator for the first time.

Telephone inquiry: 8 909 480 8888

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