Today, a number of large-scale state programs and national projects are being successfully implemented in the republic. Funds have been allocated in both the federal and republican budgets to resolve road-related issues, creating a comfortable urban environment, water supply, and the construction of educational and other social facilities. 

Therefore, I find it worthwhile to use the federal grant funds to solve those problems for which there are currently no algorithms. And, consequently, no funds are allocated. Among them: treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from bullous epidermolysis, the so-called butterfly syndrome. According to statistics, this disease is more common in the North Caucasus than in other regions of Russia. ⠀

The creation of a specialized medical center for such children in our republic will be a real salvation. This will make it possible to assist them on the ground. Following all the nuances of the disease, this is one of the most serious problems for parents of such children. Children with butterfly syndrome are already deprived of the opportunity to live like ordinary children. The center for treatment and rehabilitation will give them strength and confidence. A healthy generation is a prosperous republic. 

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