Beloved husband, charming child, joint dreams of life. Nothing seemed to upset the harmony in this family. But troubles come suddenly and hit the closest people. ⠀

Abidat’s husband died when she was in the seventh month of the second pregnancy.  The woman was left without major support. It was hard. Both morally and financially. ⠀

Life in a rented apartment robbed the family of all income. Abidat had to seek help from the foundation. From the husband, the family had a small plot of land. So Abidat invested the received certificate for maternal capital in the construction of a house. ⠀

"INSAN" Charitable Foundation has taken over the costs of interior decoration. Plastering walls, putting the floor in, installing a laminate floor, tiling the bathroom. Everything has been done. The only thing that remained was the arrangement.⠀

Recently, a man from @ mebprestij_05 applied to the fund to give him a needy family to pay zakat from a furniture store. We proposed Abidat. So the missing furniture appeared.  Now the woman with children lives in her own house. Abidat was removed from the list of wards! We are grateful to all participants in the “I am a Guardian” program. You become a source of new life for widows, orphans and single mothers. ⠀

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