On May 10, the “Insan” Foundation held an event dedicated to the Victory Day. It was organized for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Great Patriotic War II veterans, internationalist soldiers who performed their duty in Afghanistan, as well as for the families of employees and those killed in a special operation in Ukraine.⁣

⁣ The event was honored with the presence of Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi Abdullayev and his wife. Among the guests were Minister for National Policy and Religious Affairs Enrik Muslimov and his deputy Murad Shefiev, Mayor of Makhachkala Salman Dadaev. But the main characters were those who served themselves and those who were the real rear - relatives and friends of veterans and current servicemen.

All speakers spoke about the Great Patriotic War, the 77th anniversary of the victory in which the whole world is celebrating this year.

Mufti's adviser Aina Gamzatova congratulated all those present on Victory Day. Aina Zayirbekovna also noted the incredible patriotism that the Dagestan citizens so vividly showed both during the Great PatrioticWar and now in Ukraine. And no matter how they try to rewrite history, there are facts that, even hundreds of years later, will be irrefutable. About them, about the great battles for Stalingrad and Moscow, included in the annals of world history, Salman Dadaev told the guests.

Enrik Selimovich emphasized the role of the Muftiyat in carrying out patriotic work with youth. He thanked Ahmad Afandi for the events organized by the Muftiyat. This is a republican iftar, and horse racing and a family festival in honor of the Victory Day, and much more. The program of the celebration included performances by students of Abidat Gamzatova and Abdulla Gamzatov from the Yusupov School.

At the end of the event, a collective dua was read for all participants in military events and the dead.⁣⁣⠀

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