Today, May 6, the opening of the traditional action of the charitable fund “INSAN” “The Ramadan Tent” took place. The event was attended by Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, Head of the Administration of the Head and Government of the Republic of Dagestan Vladimir Ivanov, Mayor of Makhachkala Salman Dadaev, Minister of National Policy and Religious Affairs of Dagestan Enrik Muslimov, Minister of Tourism and Folk arts of the Republic of Dagestan Rasul Ibragimov, famous sportsmen Gaidarbek Gaidarbekov , Nurmagomed Shanavazov, religious leaders, representatives of the fund “Insan” and numerous believers who came to open their fast.

Recall, this action takes place annually in the Central Jum’ah mosque in Makhachkala. Even anyone can make the evening and morning break under the dome of tent throughout the entire month Ramadan

As the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) says: “He who feeds the fasting person in the month Ramadan, it will be forgiveness of sins, salvation from Hell, and  he will receive a reward equal to the fasting person, without detracting from the fasting reward." Collective Iftar is a real salvation for the poor in fasting, the joy of fulfilling sacred duty, divided into all.

We also note that all the expenses of the first day of the Tent were taken over by the Marva-Tour company. @marwatour

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