As part of the palliative care project “Region of Care”, the Republic of Dagestan was visited by representatives of the all-Russian Popular Front and the Vera hospice charity fund. During the visit, a meeting was organized with the head of the INSAN Charitable Foundation, Muhammadrasul Akhmedov, and the Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Republic of Dagestan Izumrud Mugutdinova. Project participants spoke about their activities on it, which consist of visiting a medical organization and monitoring their work.

It should be noted that the all-Russian Popular Front, together with the Association of Professional Hospice Aid Participants, the Vera Hospice Assistance Charitable Foundation and the Workshop of Care autonomous non-profit organization, visit medical and social organizations in pilot entities as part of individual palliative programming development, monitor work and transmit materials including of heads of regional authorities.

In Dagestan, the representatives of the project visited the Care boarding school, as well as the Mercy neuropsychiatric boarding school and other republican medical institutions. According to Anna Federmesser the founder of the Vera fund, in many regions there is a low level of competence of medical staff and a lack of control over the practicing medicine. At the same time, she noted that in Dagestan this problem is less common, since here respect for elders is promoted to the child from the very beginning.

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