The house was built! ⠀⠀

Make yourself comfortable, the story was ... Fund branch in the Kulinsky district @fondinsan_kulinskiy decided to renovate the house for the family of wards. The master was called, and he, shaking his head, said that it would be difficult to do something. It’s better to demolish this and build a new one - they decided so.

At first the announced collection did not bring an expected result. But the construction still started. Arsen Kadievich Magomedov, the head of the village, helped with the land and building materials. Then the miracles began. Because the villagers could not pass by, it was a very special case. ⠀⠀

In the old house lived a grandmother, in whose care there was a minor son and two grandchildren. One of them is an orphan. So by the joint efforts of all the villagers the house was commissioned for a year: warm, comfortable, with all conditions. There were also philanthropists who presented the kitchen and cupboard. Now Violet Abdurashidova and her grandchildren live in a new house in the new year!

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