The Medical Center "Inclinic" @inclinik was opened in Makhachkala. Among the honored guests were the Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi and the Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Tatyana Belyaeva. It was the mufti’s own initiative to create such a Center. The idea of a medical facility for children with special needs was brought to life by “Insan”, the largest charitable foundation in the North Caucasus.

Here children with epidermolysis bullosa (butterfly children) will be able to undergo part of the treatment they need for free. Now they do not have to travel outside the region, which required additional costs.

In addition, a rehabilitation department will soon be launched at the Center. A large number of parents apply to the “Insan” Foundation with a request to assist in raising funds for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, speech delay, autism, etc. In the future, these children will be able to receive qualified help within the walls of this center.

The clinic's services will be paid for by everyone. So it will be possible to provide those in need of free medical care. The Center will be staffed by doctors of various specialties for children and adults.

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