You can divide 100 thousand rubles and support several people in solving small problems. And you can not divide, and help one person to get out of a difficult situation. Our benefactor chose the second option.

Raisa is a ward of the “Insan” Foundation under the program “I am a guardian”. Her daughter was not even a year old when her husband died. Since then, the maintenance and upbringing of the child is on the fragile mother's shoulders.

To feed the family, a woman takes on any earnings. Sometimes, she had to take a little daughter with her on a night shift. There is no one to leave with. Thanks to her diligence, Raisa was able to buy a land plot and build a foundation there. But she is unable to complete the construction work.

Our benefactor lent a helping hand. The man turned to the fund with the desire to pay zakat to a family in which an orphan grows. We proposed to Raisa. As a result, 100 thousand rubles were allocated for the construction of the house. Thanks to the donors for participating in the life of the wards of the fund. Your help always comes at the right time.

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