Friday passed visiting single grandmothers, which means we are sharing another story from our volunteer group @volonteri_insana. Let us remind you that on the best day of the week they visit one of the adult wards of the “Insan”  Foundation.

This time they came to visit Nadezhda Kharrisovna. We have already talked about this woman once. She lives alone, no one is near. Although there is a son, he is far away. He didn’t leave his mother, but it’s impossible to be always around.

Nadezhda Kharrisovna has health problems, but she has long been accustomed to coping with all the difficulties herself. But she misses communication very much. The woman has always loved to read and develop. She didn't want to let our volunteers go either. 

She asked to visit her more often. We will try @volonteri_insana!

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