We meet the month of Ramadan with memories of the good deeds of our patrons. That was March. ⠀ Safia is 6 years old. For three years her mother has been doing everything possible so that her daughter became an ordinary child. We, as our benefactors, support the baby at every stage.

At the age of three, Safia was diagnosed with mental retardation. An important means of rehabilitation was communicating with children, and she likes to play with her younger brother. And also - individual developmental classes.

Safia listens to fairy tales with pleasure and looks at picture books. The courses of treatment by a neurologist and rehabilitation courses became much needed for the girl. But to conduct them on an ongoing basis, which is necessary for such diagnoses, the family can not afford.

Ordinary people responded to our call to help Safia, having collected half of the required amount on the website of our foundation. The company “Your housing” applied for closing the fee for the girl. Together with our film crew, they visited the Safia family and handed the money for the next course. Thanks to the “Your housing” company for the opportunity for Safia to continue the path to independent life in the future.

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