They need your support
It’s so easy to be kind. Just imagine yourself in the place of another person
They need support
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Acute gastritis and duodenal obstruction
Tevriz from the village of Sabnova, Derbent region, alone brings up two underage grandchildren. For 7 years she has been alone with them, for 5 years of them she has been running to doctors to cure Tagir, one of the grandchildren.
Gathered: 100,000 ₽ of 100,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Cerebral palsy
It's like the world turned upside down! Tanya still hardly remembers the day when she and her husband found out that their eldest daughter had cerebral palsy.
Gathered: 347,500 ₽ of 347,500 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Fracture of 4-5 cervical vertebrae
After serving in the army, Atsikov Shakhshi returned to his native village. He made plans, dreamed of a bright future. But absolutely everything can change in an instant.
Gathered: 300,200 ₽ of 300,000 ₽
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Acute gastritis and duodenal obstruction
Gathered: 100,000 ₽
Cerebral palsy
Gathered: 347,500 ₽
Fracture of 4-5 cervical vertebrae
Gathered: 300,200 ₽
Craniosynostosis, right-sided plagiocephaly
Gathered: 194,000 ₽
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19 — 10 — 2021
You can help in different ways! More and more people and entrepreneurs are taking this baton. Because the size of the contribution does not matter, participation is important here.
18 — 10 — 2021
October 17, the first charity race in the republic was held. About 1500 people took part in the race. "Running for Life" was launched to help seriously ill children and adults wards of the “Insan” Foundation.
09 — 10 — 2021
We met at the workplace and personally thanked them for their constant support of the charitable initiatives of the “Insan” Foundation.
08 — 10 — 2021
On October 1, volunteers of the “Insan” Foundation organized an archery tournament at the KEP Center
05 — 10 — 2021
Recently, you responded to the trouble of the Shahalbuzov family from the village of Burkikhan, Agul region.
04 — 10 — 2021
Friday passed visiting single grandmothers, which means we are sharing another story from our volunteer group.
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