They need your support
It’s so easy to be kind. Just imagine yourself in the place of another person
They need support
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Lack of warmth
It's getting colder outside. You can keep warm in different ways: a cup of strong tea or aromatic coffee. But does a burning lips drink compare with a burning heart filled with goodness?! Its warmth is so easy to share with others.
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Cerebral palsy
Maryam was born prematurely, three months early. Doctors immediately diagnosed the girl with cerebral palsy. Bariyat - Maryam’s mother says that she had absolutely no time for despair. She made incredible efforts to put Maryam on her feet.
Gathered: 76,285 ₽ of 202,900 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Every year, before the start of the new academic trimester, the Insan charitable foundation organizes “Get the kids to school” action
Gathered: 895,698 ₽ of 1,000,000 ₽
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12 — 11 — 2019
Fonvizin said: "Not the rich who counts the money to hide it in the chest, but the one who counts the excess in his home to help someone who does not have what is needed." Thanks to our donors for their wealth. The wealth of the soul, the wealth of the heart.
04 — 11 — 2019
A huge selection of training programs makes it possible to learn the desired specialty. ⠀ ⠀ Some of our wards found themselves in cooking, someone - in sewing clothes. And those and others, having completed training, were able to find a job. Now they make their own money.⠀
01 — 11 — 2019
You do not often see a smile on their faces. Family problems are unchildishly big. Therefore, the fund is trying to organize an interesting leisure for orphans. This time the help was provided by the management of the Bourgois restaurant. By the way, they are participants of “I am a guardian” program. They transfer monthly funds to orphans.
25 — 10 — 2019
We are grateful to all participants in the “I am a Guardian” program. You become a source of new life for widows, orphans and single mothers. ⠀
22 — 10 — 2019
“INSAN” Charitable Foundation and “Visage Hall” beauty and perfume store @visage_hall hold a joint charity event again. By purchasing goods with a special sticker, you become a member of a good deed.
17 — 10 — 2019
Having gathered in the morning in the building of the Insan Charity Fund, the employees, together with the wards under the “I am a guardian” program, went on a fascinating tour. Bright sun, fresh air, wonderful nature. So the guys met the “Silk way” horse club. The children were first introduced to safety measures, and then to horses. Graceful animals did not leave indifferent anyone of present. ⠀⠀
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