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11 — 07 — 2019
A generous gift for the low-income family under the care of the Charity Fund “INSAN” made the project “Your housing”. It provided financial assistance to the needy.
07 — 07 — 2019
The most ambitious tournament among the guys who won cancer came to its end. ⠀
07 — 07 — 2019
Note that the World Children's Winners' Games are international sports competitions for children and adolescents who have overcome cancer
04 — 07 — 2019
The opening of the X World Children's Winners’ Games took place in the capital of our country the day before.
01 — 07 — 2019
Thanks to joint cooperation, 15 people under the care of the charity fund "INSAN" were able to pass the examinations and consultations.
29 — 06 — 2019
During the meeting, issues of improving the conduct of activities, as well as drawing up the further plans were discussed.
29 — 06 — 2019
Having learned about the situation of the girl, Israel could not remain indifferent to her problem. Realizing that money never be more in such a situation, they decided to allocate zakat for baby in the amount of 100 thousand rubles
27 — 06 — 2019
On the eve, in Shamilkala of the Untsukulsky District, a working meeting of the heads of the branches of the Charity Fund “Insan” of the mountain territorial district was held.
27 — 06 — 2019
Once again, thanks to donors, the fund was able to distribute clothing assistance to its wards.
24 — 06 — 2019
A cherished small cup of fragrant cocoa and delicious bun is the most desirable gift for them as a reward for good studies. And to share all the emotions and impressions.
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