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How to define nisab? During the year it can be quite decent amount, but at the end of the year it can be spent on buying a car. Should I pay zakat from this amount. Thanks.
If at the end of the year there is an amount which is less than nisab so no zakat is imposed on this money. About defining nisab and other aspects of zakat you may read by following the link.
Sometimes you cover the work of the fund, certain good actions which some people do, and as a matter of fact is it correct in our religion Islam?
Thanks for the question. It is desirable to hide good deeds that we do so that no one will learn about it. However religious scholars say that there are a lot of moments when it is necessary to do good deeds in public so that others also do. For example, in the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an from the book “ Jalalayni” there is the verse where you can find the command about the payment of zakat in public if you see that others will be able to follow it. Usama Abu Shar, the scholar from Syria, said: “It is desirable to hide your deeds. There is no medicine against the show better than the concealment of accomplished good deeds. As the scholars say: “ the foundation in good deeds is hiding them from other people” But if a muslim knows that the accomplished action in public will cause others to do that so there is nothing wrong with this.
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