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mental retardation
For Safiya, communication with children and individual developmental activities is extremely important. Safiya listens to fairy tales with pleasure and looks at picture books.
Gathered: 90,440 ₽ of 600,000 ₽
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Cerebral palsy
Since the birth of her son, Umukusum has been fighting for his health. Twice we went to Moscow for rehabilitation, but Ahmad Haji hasn’t got any improvements yet, Umukusum admits with sadness. The father of the child left the family, does not provide any help. Umukusum with a child lives in a rented apartment.
Gathered: 44,640 ₽ of 98,500 ₽
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Lack of warmth
It's getting colder outside. You can keep warm in different ways: a cup of strong tea or aromatic coffee. But does a burning lips drink compare with a burning heart filled with goodness?! Its warmth is so easy to share with others.
Gathered: 42,187 ₽ of 150,000 ₽
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Cerebral palsy
Maryam was born prematurely, three months early. Doctors immediately diagnosed the girl with cerebral palsy. Bariyat - Maryam’s mother says that she had absolutely no time for despair. She made incredible efforts to put Maryam on her feet.
Gathered: 158,778 ₽ of 202,900 ₽
Who have already been helped
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spinal muscular atrophy Verdniga-Hoffman type 1
A child received her bad diagnosis in one month old: spinal muscular atrophy Verdniga-Hoffman type 1. This is a rare genetic disease as a result of which the atrophy of all muscles develops. The outcome of the disease is sad.
Gathered: 600,000 ₽ of 600,000 ₽
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Cerebral palsy
Aisha Dzaurova is six years old. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, mental retardation. Together with her sister, they split everything in two equally: toys and sweets, their parents’ love, and also walk together. It is hard to believe that four and a half years ago, Aisha fought hard for her life and won.
Gathered: 200,000 ₽ of 200,000 ₽
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Cerebral palsy
Ashahanova Napisat is 7 years old. Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. The girl did not know how to crawl and particularly walk. Parents took their daughter for counseling, treatment and rehabilitation. All that helped: at 10 months, Napisat began to roll over, to crawl, at 1 year and 2 months she got on her hands and knees, crawled in 18 months old.
Gathered: 240,000 ₽ of 240,000 ₽
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Patimat took her son to CT scan. After that, they came to a consultation with an oncologist, where a severe diagnosis of “lung cancer” was made and a buildup of fluid was found in the lungs.
Gathered: 100,000 ₽ of 100,000 ₽
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The girl was born prematurely. She had hydrocephalus, and cerebral palsy was made as a concomitant diagnosis. The baby girl had a shunting operation on her head. But Fatima, unfortunately, cannot sit or crawl on her own....
Gathered: 86,170 ₽ of 86,170 ₽
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Today, doctors encourage Elvira with good results. But for carrying out further treatment and maintaining the immunity of the young girl at a level sufficient for life, huge funds are needed. And without our help, these chances can collapse.
Gathered: 500,000 ₽ of 500,000 ₽
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skin cancer
A few years ago, he complained of a tiny spot on the eye. The diagnosis made at that time brought problems, but the lack of documents prevented an appropriate treatment. Time passed, and the neoplasm continued to spread across the face and head. The doctors’ severe sentence was pronounced
Gathered: 150,000 ₽ of 150,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
A modest teacher of an Islamic University in 2013 faced with oncology. At that time the operation stopped melanoma. But as it turned out, the insidious disease only took its time.
Gathered: 135,000 ₽ of 135,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Extrophy of bladder
Infants with bladder extrophy are compared to origami paper birds. In the hands of skilled craftsmen a clean white sheet gains wings and learns to fly. So, it is important for a baby born with severe pathology to get to the miraculous surgeons who will give him a chance for a normal healthy life.
Gathered: 700,000 ₽ of 700,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Mixed vicar hydrocephalus, psycho verbal development retardation
She urgently needs to undergo a rehabilitation course in one of the clinics in St. Petersburg. But Inga has no funds for this. She brings up her daughter alone. In addition, she has to look after her sister with cerebral palsy.
Gathered: 250,000 ₽ of 250,000 ₽
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