Charitable fund "INSAN" is like a perpetual motion machine and the cycle of good, unites those who need help and those who are ready to provide this help. Throughout the year, the fund staff, together with benefactors, carried out large-scale work to assist sick, poor and needy families under the care of the fund.

And yesterday, on December 27, a total event was organized under the director of the Charity Fund “INSAN” Muhammadrasul Akhmedov, to which the wards, patrons and volunteers of the fund, as well as social and religious leaders of the republic were invited. The event was honored by Mufti RD, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, as well as the world-famous Quran reader, theologian Mamun Khalil Ar-Raviy.

Muhammadrasul Akhmedov addressed his final report on the present. He spoke about the work done, the programs implemented and the funds allocated - about 100 million rubles, more than last year. Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, in his turn, expressed his nobility to the management of the fund for the done charitable work. And Muhammadrasul Akhmedov also introduced some of the wards to the guests, whose lives were changed dramatically after they were assisted by the fund “INSAN”.

Among them was little Zahra. The girl from birth suffered from brain hydrocephalus. She needed an emergency surgery for treatment, for which her parents lacked the necessary financial resources. For help they had to go to the fund. And the fund helped. It helped to raise funds for the operation, to get necessary treatment, to recover. Now Zahra looks just like ordinary children. The size of her head came back to normal, and the girl lives a full life. 

So, day after day, the charitable fund “INSAN” with the help of the Most High and the support of donors helps to change the life of the wards for the better. We do hope that the fund will be able to provide even more support to their wards and do much to help people in need in the new year. Amin!


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