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10 — 02 — 2019
Thanks to your support, Ismail is in recovery. The treatment is encouraging, and the results are becoming clearer.
08 — 02 — 2019
When the head of the family died, Khadizhat was very depressed. She was left alone with two children, without permanent income, in a rented apartment. Psoriasis has worsened and gallstone disease has developed because of a nervous condition of woman.
05 — 02 — 2019
We thank all those involved in this event, providing material assistance to our wards. Let the Almighty take your sadaqah and reward you. Amin!
03 — 02 — 2019
We are always really happy when the fundraiser is completed, but even more happiness is brought to us by the positive results that our wards achieve. At such moments, we realize that we have not wasted our time and efforts! With the general assistance of all our donors, we were able to save another life.
01 — 02 — 2019
On that day, the leading specialists of the clinic, such as the trauma orthopedic, oncologist-mammologist, dermatologist-trichologist, and ultrasound doctor, conducted the advisory reception. The campaign was attended by the wards of the charity fund “INSAN”, who received the necessary assistance.
29 — 01 — 2019
We know that this problem cannot be completely solved, but we do hope that we have been able to alleviate the difficult situation of this family.
25 — 01 — 2019
Note that one of the good deeds that a muslim can do on Friday is charity. We ask the Most High to accept sadaqah from our benefactor and forgive the sins of his late brother by giving him Paradise. Amin.
24 — 01 — 2019
For that matter, educators from the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education were invited.
22 — 01 — 2019
Charitable Fund "INSAN" expresses gratitude to the organizers of this event and hopes for further successful cooperation for the benefit of people in need.
19 — 01 — 2019
We believe that we can change the world for the better, giving our attention and care. We are sure that the assistance from the very heart is very important and valuable.
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