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15 — 01 — 2019
Every tenth family from the wards of the fund “INSAN” needs warm clothes and better living conditions in wintertime. In this regard, the day before during the action "Light a fire" was collected 50 thousand rubles.
14 — 01 — 2019
We want to express our sincere gratitude to all our benefactors who provide financial support to the fund. Only your help gives us the opportunity to work better and help people in need.
10 — 01 — 2019
At the end of the 3-month courses, the Charity Fund “INSAN” will continue working with the wards in the same direction. We hope the lessons will give benefit to children and a perspective for a successful future.
07 — 01 — 2019
The children were really curious about the miracle of technology!
02 — 01 — 2019
The benefactor, who wished to remain nameless, donated the sadaqah to 26 needy wards of the fund “INSAN” in the amount of 863,600 rubles.
31 — 12 — 2018
We are glad to inform you that the fund has already bought and donated a fridge, a gas stove and a fold-out couch to the family where they could sleep.
30 — 12 — 2018
Making money, raising children, and responsibility for their future now lies on the mother's shoulders. To provide for the family, Khaybat has to earn money by washing cars. In the morning, she sends her eldest son to school, she does her household work before noon and looks after the youngest child, and soon as 10-year-old Hussein get back home, she rushes to work.
28 — 12 — 2018
The event was honored by Mufti RD, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, as well as the world-famous Quran reader, theologian Mamun Khalil Ar-Raviy.
24 — 12 — 2018
Also during the meeting they discussed issues of improving the conduct of activities and developing workplans, and the work of the branches for the next year.
21 — 12 — 2018
The agenda included a summary of the work of the charitable fund “INSAN” in South Dagestan in 2018. Representatives of the fund in the municipalities told about the work done, the charity programs implemented and the funds allocated
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