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19 — 12 — 2018
. And we are very grateful to the donors of the “Maidat” restaurant for their invaluable help they have rendered to our ward.
17 — 12 — 2018
At the meeting issues of improving the conduct of activities were discussed, as well as the preparation of work plans, and the work of the branches themselves.
14 — 12 — 2018
Patimat grew as an orphan altogether, at 17 she buried her father and mother. Having told about her life, Patimat, fighting back tears, often repeated the words "We are happy with that, Allah does not leave us."
14 — 12 — 2018
Having learned about the problems of the wards of the fund “INSAN”, the “Risalat” store’s staff decided, jointly with the fund’s staff, to hold a charity event.
13 — 12 — 2018
We also thank the team of guardians, who once again provided financial support to needy families under the program “I am a guardian”
06 — 12 — 2018
The museum staff held an excursion for the inmates of the children’s home “Care” and the republican distance learning centre of disabled children from Makhachkala, and then a festive event.
05 — 12 — 2018
A cultural and entertainment program was prepared for the audience, which included performances of the “Khairat” kids group with beautiful songs, contests, quizzes, and entertainment from animators.
04 — 12 — 2018
Every tenth family from the wards of the fund “Insan” needs warm clothes and better living conditions in wintertime.
03 — 12 — 2018
During the meeting, the representative of the center acquainted the guests with their work and described the methods of rehabilitation of drug addicts within the institution.
30 — 11 — 2018
he theologian was pleasantly surprised by the great help and support that “Insan” provides to people in need
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