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29 — 11 — 2018
The event was also attended by students of the Dagestan Humanitarian Institute, the Humanitarian and Pedagogical College, as well as the Bashlarov Medical College.
25 — 11 — 2018
The event was held in a very warm atmosphere and gave everyone a lot of positive emotions. Charitable Fund "Insan" sincerely thanks all who supported us in organizing this holiday and hopes for further fruitful cooperation.
24 — 11 — 2018
At the invitation of the Charitable Fund “Insan”, for the third time specialists of the fund “Children-Butterflies” from Moscow and St. Petersburg arrived in Makhachkala to provide medical care to our wards suffering from epidermolysis bullosa.
23 — 11 — 2018
 Any flower shop may take part. Joining the action you support the needy widows who are in charge of the fund
22 — 11 — 2018
You don’t have to give money, easy enough to support, listen to the person and if possible make a material donation.
20 — 11 — 2018
Nerpinary is just new in Makhachkala , but it has already  become a friend of our fund. The organizers of a water show kindly  invited 50 kids, the wards of the charity fund “Insan”.
19 — 11 — 2018
Considering that the winter will soon come it can be said  that there will be more warm things in need. So, dear friends, we remind you that any interested person can help fund wards.
12 — 11 — 2018
Famous guests such as an Olimpic wrestling champion Abdulrashid Sadulaev, mayor of Gumbetovsky district Khadzimurad Magomedov and the best performers of Islamic chants without musical instruments arrived at the event to rejoice with the children the coming of the blessed month.
09 — 11 — 2018
Children and their parents were invited to the club “Dinosaur and Me” where the entertaining program and delicious treats were prepared for them.
07 — 11 — 2018
The price of one package is 450 roubles. It’s a substational  support  for those families who have no money to buy basic foodstuffs.
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