News and events

24 — 05 — 2019
In honor of Ramadan month, @ baby_di_11111 decided to provide 70 children from large families and single mothers with the clothes they needed.
24 — 05 — 2019
Together with the coordinator of the program “I am a guardian” Khadizhat Sultaliyeva, she visited the family under the fund’s care. Sefizhat Magomedrasulova presented gifts such as toys and clothing, and also provided food assistance.
22 — 05 — 2019
The general director of Heat Network Company LLC “Pilot” Bagaudin Magomedov also decided to take part in a good deed. Together with the fund’s staff, he visited orphaned children under the “I am a guardian” program in order to provide them with financial and food assistance.
21 — 05 — 2019
Recall, Sabina was left alone with two children in a rented apartment. In addition, as a result of the accident, the woman broke her leg. All this time she was at home, having the opportunity to move only on crutches.
20 — 05 — 2019
The athlete assumed the provision of food to one of the poor families under the care of the INSAN Foundation.
20 — 05 — 2019
The organization of the event was taken over by the joint stock company "Dagestan Network Company". The benefactors, together with the foundation staff, served a festive table for children with various treats.
19 — 05 — 2019
The head of the Republic of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasilyev, has undertaken obligations to provide several days of Iftar, which take place every evening in the courtyard of the Makhachkala's Jum’ah mosque. ⠀
19 — 05 — 2019
The management of the Charity Fund “Insan” expresses appreciation and sincere gratitude for feeding about five thousand fasting people in the campaign “Ramadan Tent”.
17 — 05 — 2019
. They visited one of the low-income families that is under the care of the INSAN Foundation and provided it with food assistance. In addition to the usual food, the cafe workers brought their own branded donuts.
16 — 05 — 2019
The singer, together with the staff of the INSAN Foundation, visited one of the poor ward families. He congratulated them on the holy month of Ramadan, wished easy fasting, and assisted in the form of food.
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