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It’s so easy to be kind. Just imagine yourself in the place of another person
They need support
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On Saturday, March 30, the charity fund “Insan” plans to hold a large-scale campaign “Products to every home”. The aim is to distribute food packages among low-income families from Makhachkala, which are under the care of the fund.
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Fundraiser is completed
Bilateral hearing loss
Now Naida is in a difficult situation. Her eldest son is sick. The diagnosis is bilateral hearing loss. In 2017, the boy underwent a "tympanoplasty". However, after a year the problems returned. He began to hear badly again.
Gathered: 29,072 ₽ of 70,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
At the moment, Ali is undergoing another treatment, which combines micropolysis and ABA (Applied behavior analysis) therapy. But the course is quite expensive. And if we take into account that there are two more children in the family and a disabled father, it is very heavy for Ali's family.
Gathered: 56,844 ₽ of 60,000 ₽
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Epilepsy - Drave's syndrome
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11 — 04 — 2019
So, with the help of caring people, the program “I am a guardian” provides the full life and full development for orphans.
08 — 04 — 2019
The head of the program “I am a guardian” of the Charity Fund “INSAN” and the activists of the DSU show_murada organized a bright and cheerful bubble show for children.
04 — 04 — 2019
Abdurakhman for a long time dreamed about an electric car. He often shared his desire with his mother. He was talking about how much he wanted a red car. And mom, sparing no expense, would buy it to him if it were not for his illness and the need to spend all means on its treatment.
02 — 04 — 2019
The “Insan” Foundation expresses its condolences to the parents and friends of our wards - baby Yasin and Muhammad. WE wish you the Garden of Paradise and patience to your family.
01 — 04 — 2019
If at the age of 10 a child is able to feel sincere compassion for the pain of others. Undoubtedly, having matured, Salih will become a reliable assistant for people who find themselves in a difficult situation.
31 — 03 — 2019
The day before in Makhachkala, the first All-Russian mental arithmetic competition was held. The charity fund “INSAN” also took an active part in it.
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