They need your support
It’s so easy to be kind. Just imagine yourself in the place of another person
They need support
Fundraiser is completed
Delayed psychoverbal development with ASD and ADHD
Rauf was born by emergency caesarean section with cerebral hypoxia
Gathered: 221,755 ₽ of 218,500 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis
Six months ago, thanks to the donors of the “INSAN” Foundation, Yusup was able to undergo an expensive rehabilitation
Gathered: 176,800 ₽ of 176,800 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Zulfiya will go blind without our help!⁣⁣ Asya has a hard life. Six children, three of whom are disabled. Two sons diagnosed with psycho speech development delayed. But one of the most serious trials awaited Asya with her youngest daughter
Gathered: 400,000 ₽ of 400,000 ₽
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Delayed psychoverbal development with ASD and ADHD
Gathered: 221,755 ₽
Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis
Gathered: 176,800 ₽
Gathered: 400,000 ₽
Delayed speech development with elements of autism
Gathered: 161,176 ₽
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03 — 10 — 2022
The best investments are investments in human capital.⁣⁣ This strategy will never lose relevance
04 — 08 — 2022
The Abdullaevs wandered around the apartments all their lives. 8 people, adults and children, , dreamed of their own corner
24 — 07 — 2022
There are people who need help. There are people who provide help. There are volunteers who bring help to those in need. And there is the “Insan” Foundation, on whose pages such good news is shared.
27 — 06 — 2022
On Sunday, June 26, the charity run “Running for Life” was held on Anji Arena in Kaspiysk. The sporting event is timed to coincide with the Russian Youth Day⁣
25 — 06 — 2022
Tomorrow, Sunday, June 26, at 9:00 am, on Anji Arena in Kaspiysk will be held the “Running for Life” charity run. The sporting event is timed to coincide with the Russian Youth Day
25 — 05 — 2022
In the month of Ramadan, we were approached by the management of of the chain of household appliances store “Electrobyt”
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