.- First of all zakat is a worship of the Almighty and a compulsory annual payment in favor of the poor.

Zakat means “purification”, “grace”, “growth”, “increase” and “purity”.

Zakat is linked with the rights of the poor and the weak to the part of  rich people’s property.


This demonstration  of charity, support and compassion in practice which is stated by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a well known hadith: “ Believers feeling friendship, charity and compassion to each other are like one organism. If one part of it hurts then the whole body hurts.”

Zakat is the main socio - economic institution aimed at confirming the principles of equity in society.

It brings the muslims together, encourages to take care of each other, tends to spiritual development and improving society.

Zakat is paid from your havings no more than once a year

Its rate isn’t great, it doesn’t burden anybody and has no impact on his further development of the affairs. Zakat is paid according to the rules which is set by God

“ Believers feeling friendship, charity and compassion to each other are like one organism. If one part of it hurts then the whole body hurts.”

CF “Insan” helps to calculate zakat and takes it from muslims for the further distribution among certain categories of people, mentioned in Qur’an, in accordance with the requirements of the shariah.

The main purpose of this programme is to bring financial assistance to the needy people

Those who paying zakat don’t always know about the beneficiaries, so the fund is a mediator between the payers and beneficiaries, the fund centralizes and distributes it among vulnerable groups of people, such as: the paupers, needy, converts, debtors, wayfarers .

As well as large families, orphans, single old people and the patients needing treatment

“ And please with painful punishment those who collect gold and silver and don’t expand it in the way of Allah. That Day [their gold and silver] will be stoked in the fire and their foreheads, and sides and backs will be labelled ” (Surah “Confession” ayats)

If a person having wealth doesnt pay zakat, he will burn in flame of the hell and there will be the plates that will cauterize his sides and forehead. And it will last as long as Allah will judge His servants in that Day which is fifty thousand years, and then Allah will determine his place either in haven or hell.”

Sadaka can be donated in any time and in any quantity.

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam, the sacred duty of wealthy muslims.

A sunnah muslim seeks to get closer to the piety of the Prophets and the Messengers.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “ Truly the wealth is attractive and has a pleasant taste, and a wealthy muslim will do well if he spends the part of it on the needy, orphans and wayfarers” (Bukhari)

“Their donations are hindered by the fact that they don’t believe in Allah and His Prophet” (Surah “Confession” ayat 54.)

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