About fund

Charity fund “Insan” Assistance Fund for people in difficult situations

The fund is a legal entity 

There are a lot of offices in towns and districts of the Republic of Dagestan

Our tasks


  • fundraising for treatment and rehabilitation of seriously ill children
  • help for lonely old people, orphans, widows, large families and single mothers
  • drawing public attention to the problems of low-income citizens
  • giving psychological help to people
  • revival and popularization of zakat – the third pillar of Islam, organization of fees and distribution of zakat in accordance with the Sharia’s requirements
  • report to the muslims of the value of zakat; bring together those who will pay zakat and those who need zakat; centralize and distribute it among those in need

 Full name: Charity Fund “Insan”

PSRN: 1120500000576
TIN: 0572001481 / RRC: 057201001
Banking details:
c/a: 3010 1810 9070 2000 0615
s/a: 4070 3810 8603 2000 0110  
Name of the bank: North Caucasian Bank PC “Sberbank of Russia”
BIC: 040702615

Our address
367000 Makhachkala
Legal address: Makhachkala, Dakhadaev St. 136
Physical address: Makhachkala, Dakhadaev St. 136

Тел.: 8 (800) 600 09 91 Telephone:
Email: insan05ru@mail.ru