It is quite a normal working day for employees of the “Insan” Foundation. It became special thanks to benefactors. Because they become a source of bright changes in the lives of our wards. Today, the fund paid zakat. A person who knows his farz and piously fulfills it, turned himself. We showed him 19 stories of the wards of the foundation. Everyone succeeded in helping. Five of them will be able to go for treatment. Four more will celebrate the new year under their own roof. The other 10 urgently needed families, burdened with debt, will be able to get rid of this heavy weight.

But the amazing thing about this story is another one. The other day, several of our wards turned to @ medcenter_ermoshkina42 for a free ultrasound scan. We talked about it. One of the women was diagnosed with serious health problems. An urgent further examination and treatment was recommended. But the woman had no money for it.

Everything came together - charity event from @ medcenter_ermoshkina42 and paid zakat. One thing led to another - this is called the relay race of kindness. Any of the days allotted to us can become a day of kindness. 

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