The reception room of the “Insan” Foundation is always a ready-made subject for publication. We certainly forget to introduce you to them. Maybe because we are already accustomed to what is happening. And yet I would like you to share one day in the life of the “Insan” Foundation with us.

An elderly woman entered the office. The usual conversation began: what problems, how did they find out about the “Insan” Foundation, what kind of help they were counting on. After all, it is important for us to make a general picture of a person before handing over the application to the inspector. ”And in the conversation it turned out that the woman had an adult daughter. She is raising two children alone. But there is a stable income in the family (salary, pension and even benefits). And yes, her ex-husband helps. 

“What brought you to the Foundation?” - asks the employee. “So, we would like to finish building the house. And the daughter needs to buy an apartment. We need 750 thousand rubles. We want the fee to be announced to us. "

Here I would like to pause the text in order to be imbued with the whole gravity of the situation. But they tried to explain to the woman that such a gathering was impossible. ⁣⁣ “But I’m not with you, I’m asking people. Let them collect it for me! " - we heard an indestructible argument. I remember how another applicant once said: “I see who you are helping here, it would be better if you helped me.”

It's a matter of degrees. And we would very much like to see the “Insan” Foundation come only with such requests. But so far, more and more people are asking for money at least for food for children.
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