By the will of the Almighty, I happened to become an accomplice in goodness - I work there, where people who fall into one or another difficult situation turn every day. Each of them has its own not ssimple fate: someone was brought in by poverty and misery, someone was ill, and someone had a whole different story. I would like to tell about this today. A woman appealed to our charity fund, with a request to assist in the purchase of medicines for her daughter. During my work, I unwittingly became interested in her life. I asked her questions that seemed to be, as it seemed to me then, not related to the essence of my duties. She, in turn, answered the questions I asked without delay, without any hesitation. Natalia – that’s the name of our heroine. During our dialogue, I learned about her difficult fate. For several years now she has been raising her daughter alone, with her husband divorced, there is no help from him and she has neither parents nor relatives. Her daughter has weak health, she periodically needs treatment and examination, which is unable for Natalia. This was the reason for applying to the fund, as before just that day. So I learned about her fate and the difficulties she had to face every day for the past several years alone. At the end of our conversation, Natalia told me: “THANKS”. I asked in surprise: “For what?” Her answer was: “For you just heard me out. I have no one with whom I could just talk and share something. ” Natalie's words have taken root deep inside of me and will probably remain in my memory forever. And at that moment I realized that in our work to listen, understand and be of some guidance who applied to us - to be for them a certain support, which they lack for various reasons, it plays an important, I can even say, the main role.

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