The number of Russians who donated money to charity increased from 46% in 2018 to 57% in 2019, according to a survey by the National Agency for Financial Research (NAFR). At the same time, the proportion of those who give alms on the street has declined.

According to the agency, every tenth Russian citizen (11%) has made charitable donations regularly over the past two to three years, 36% of citizens have provided charitable assistance several times, another 10% donated money once. At the same time, 42% of the respondents never engaged in charity work, and 1% found it difficult to answer.

The most popular way of charity was giving alms: this kind of help was provided by 60% of respondents. However, it is noted that over the past three years, the number of people giving alms has decreased by 10 percentage points. (from 70%). The share of those who use donation boxes has decreased from 38% last year to 26% this year.

In addition, from 35% in 2015 to 27% this year, the number of Russians who transfer money by sending SMS to a short number has decreased. At the same time, bank transfers to charity increased from 10 to 14%.

The survey was conducted in September among 1,600 people over 18 in 50 regions of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%, specified in the NAFR.

In December 2018, experts at the Skolkovo Business School, together with UBS Bank, estimated that the total cost of charity projects in Russia amounted to approximately 340-460 billion rubles in a year. Of these, mass donations of the population amount to 140-160 billion rubles annually.


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