The platform for creating short videos TikTok transferred 20 million rubles to the All-Russian public movement “Medical Volunteers" to purchase personal protective equipment for doctors and medicines to combat the pandemic. Another 5 million rubles is planned to be allocated for these purposes with the participation of TikTok users during the campaign in support of health workers.

“TikTok also offers users to support healthcare providers in a short video format by joining the challenge # thanksthemedics,” the representatives of the platform said. - The campaign was organized jointly with the Social Volunteering and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which launched an official account @ in TikTok. Users can also add the hashtag #we’retogether with their thematic publications, which brings together volunteers and organizations that contribute to the fight against the pandemic. 

“We hope that our contribution will help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are launching a special campaign so that everyone can also thank the doctors for their incredible work. A large team worked on the initiative, and we believe that many concerned users will join us to say “thank you,” ”said TikTok operations manager Nadezhda Lapina.

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