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Cerebral palsy
The whole pregnancy for Adam went well. But in childbirth, the baby had a brain hemorrhage. And at six months the boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy
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Hodgkin's lymphoma
Hodgkin's lymphoma ranks 5th in the structure of morbidity in children and adolescents. The incidence of lymphogranulomatosis in Russia is 0.8 per 100 thousand children. Our little ward Ali was included in this number. The boy is only 4 years old
Gathered: 100,200 ₽ of 100,000 ₽
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Chronic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss 3–4
The parents found out that their daughter had chronic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of 3-4 degrees when Aminat was already 5 years old
Gathered: 187,463 ₽ of 185,000 ₽
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Cerebral palsy, secondary immunodeficiency, cleft palate
After birth, the child was diagnosed with low blood sugar, and he spent 45 days on droppers. Due to the congenital pathology of the anus, the boy has already had three surgeries
Gathered: 375,780 ₽ of 375,780 ₽
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Arthritis of the hip and knee joints
Galina moved with her adult children to Dagestan. All of them converted to Islam, they try to work to pay for housing and household expenses.
Gathered: 210,000 ₽ of 210,000 ₽
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Housing problems
Larisa has two children. Both sons have progressive Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The disease is genetic, and boys are more likely to suffer from it. The main manifestation is muscle weakness, difficulty in movements from childhood, which progress over time
Gathered: 902,139 ₽ of 900,000 ₽
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Cerebral palsy
Madina was born at 7 months pregnant with emergency CS. The weight of the girl was only 1100 grams. Doctors did not give hope to parents that their daughter would survive
Gathered: 172,100 ₽ of 172,100 ₽
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Cerebral palsy, retinopathy, mental retardation
“I was so embarrassed to apply to the Foundation. I see how many sick children are around. But I have no other hope. Please help!” Madinat repeated this several times during our conversation
Gathered: 568,366 ₽ of 566,300 ₽
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Scoliosis 4 degrees
Diana has congenital muscular dystrophy. A severe genetic disease with which the girl has been fighting for 18 years. Diana has 2 more sisters with the same diagnosis. So they live, supporting each other
Gathered: 418,500 ₽ of 418,500 ₽
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Multiple myeloma
Esmira felt the first symptoms of the disease at the end of 2020. Weakness, lethargy, nosebleeds - all this was a harbinger of a serious illness. The woman was sent from one doctor to another
Gathered: 100,058 ₽ of 100,000 ₽
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