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Cerebral palsy, secondary immunodeficiency, cleft palate
After birth, the child was diagnosed with low blood sugar, and he spent 45 days on droppers. Due to the congenital pathology of the anus, the boy has already had three surgeries
Gathered: 331,075 ₽ of 375,780 ₽
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Housing problems
Larisa has two children. Both sons have progressive Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The disease is genetic, and boys are more likely to suffer from it. The main manifestation is muscle weakness, difficulty in movements from childhood, which progress over time
Gathered: 326,725 ₽ of 900,000 ₽
Who have already been helped
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Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis
There are three children in the Magomedov family. Two of them are seriously ill. The eldest, Hazrat is 7 years old. He has cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. The boy was born at 31 weeks and was in intensive care for a long time
Gathered: 652,843 ₽ of 652,200 ₽
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Every year, the “Insan” Charitable Foundation holds a unique campaign called the “Ramadan Tent”. And that means that the brand pilaf for iftar for all fasting people will be exposed
Gathered: 3,500,000 ₽ of 3,500,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Gangrene of the lower extremities
Throughout a person's life, many dangerous, life-threatening diseases "attack". One of these is gangrene of the lower extremities
Gathered: 234,000 ₽ of 234,000 ₽
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On the eve of the month of Ramadan, we are launching another large-scale campaign "Products for every home". So that in this bright month we can provide the wards of the Foundation throughout Dagestan with food packages and care.⁣⁣ Hundreds of people respond to calls for food action. Among them are entrepreneurs, civil servants, deputies, in a word, all caring citizens.
Gathered: 350,000 ₽ of 350,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Retardation of speech development
“I am 81 years old, but Philip has no one besides me.” Vera Stepanovna is raising her grandson alone. A few months ago, her husband, her main and only support, died. Now she does everything herself
Gathered: 148,000 ₽ of 148,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Acquired cerebral palsy
“How beautiful he was! Well, as for any mother, probably,” Sakinat jokes. At the age of 9, her youngest son Rodion (Ramazan) was hit by a car. A healthy, nimble, handsome boy ended up in the hospital.
Gathered: 338,425 ₽ of 338,100 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Mowat-Wilson syndrome, a total form of Hirschpuring's disease
Minura has three children. The youngest is seven years old. During this time, Muhammad underwent many operations, almost one in a year of his life
Gathered: 150,000 ₽ of 150,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
The call of the “Insan” Foundation to hold a large-scale action "Products to every home" always resonates with thousands of people
Gathered: 300,000 ₽ of 300,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
PDR with autism
She is such a kind, such an affectionate girl, I want to have time to give her this ticket to a healthy life now.
Gathered: 200,123 ₽ of 200,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Developmental disorder
When a disease comes to the house, the life of all family members changes dramatically. Instead of the usual everyday tasks, there is one big goal - to do everything possible to cure the patient.
Gathered: 150,176 ₽ of 150,000 ₽
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