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Cerebral palsy
Dinyana is the eldest child in the Abdulaev family. The girl was born prematurely with severe lesions of the central nervous system.
Gathered: 200,108 ₽ of 200,000 ₽
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Psycho verbal retardation and delayed motor development
You may remember Saad from the last gathering. You helped the boy go to Astrakhan for rehabilitation. Saad showed a fighting spirit from birth
Gathered: 271,202 ₽ of 271,200 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Acute gastritis and duodenal obstruction
Tevriz from the village of Sabnova, Derbent region, alone brings up two underage grandchildren. For 7 years she has been alone with them, for 5 years of them she has been running to doctors to cure Tagir, one of the grandchildren.
Gathered: 100,000 ₽ of 100,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Cerebral palsy
It's like the world turned upside down! Tanya still hardly remembers the day when she and her husband found out that their eldest daughter had cerebral palsy.
Gathered: 347,500 ₽ of 347,500 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Fracture of 4-5 cervical vertebrae
After serving in the army, Atsikov Shakhshi returned to his native village. He made plans, dreamed of a bright future. But absolutely everything can change in an instant.
Gathered: 300,200 ₽ of 300,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Craniosynostosis, right-sided plagiocephaly
Curvature of the skull. So briefly, we can describe the complex disease with which Bessengali was born. The documents say: craniosynostosis, right-sided plagiocephaly.
Gathered: 194,000 ₽ of 194,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
The fire destroyed everything! The other day, a grief happened in the family of Shakhalbuzov Ramazan from the village of Burkikhan, in the high-mountainous Agul region.
Gathered: 350,000 ₽ of 350,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Atypical autism
Jamaludin is a kind, cheerful child. Like all children, he enjoys the usual things: a new toy or delicious sweets. But the boy is distinguished from his peers by one "but"
Gathered: 148,050 ₽ of 148,050 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Severe iron deficiency anemia
I turned to you because I know that you help those who find it difficult. Tagir always worked. The father of two daughters was engaged in cargo transportation, dreamed of buying a car and continuing to work for himself.
Gathered: 100,000 ₽ of 100,000 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Imagine you live a calm, orderly life. You have a happy family: a caring husband, nice children. But at some point, like a bolt from the blue, your child is given a terrible diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Gathered: 135,000 ₽ of 135,000 ₽
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