“If we are people, then our responsibility is not to leave each other in trouble” - say the employees of the medical and social examination service of the Republic of Dagestan @ gbmse_05

The staff of the institution transferred their one-day earnings to the poor wards of the INSAN fund. A total of 391,129 rubles were donated.

“Among us, next to us live people who find themselves in difficult life situations. Often these are families with small children. For our worries and daily affairs, we should not forget about those who now may be in difficult social conditions, who need the simplest and most necessary things for life. Even small, feasible support for each of us is of great importance for them,”said Shamil Ramazanov, head of the the General Bureau of MSE of the Republic of Dagestan.

The funds were transferred to the wards of the fund, who urgently needed medical rehabilitation:

1. Zakaryaev Kamaludin - 35 000₽

2. Salamava Muhamad - 130 000₽

3. Ibragimov Ramadan - 100 000₽

4. Aliyev Kurban - 55 000₽

5. Alimuradov Tamerlan - 75 000₽

We express our gratitude to the management and employees of the medical and social examination of the Republic of Dagestan for charity assistance. We are sure that many institutions and departments of the region will follow this example. After all, a kind person is able to imagine what another has to do.

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