Since the beginning of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, about 55 million masks have been delivered to pharmacies in Turkey, 40 million of which have been distributed free to citizens.

The head of the Union of Turkish Pharmacies Erdogan Cholak told the “Anadolu” agency. “The World Health Organization was late with the decision to declare a pandemic. It is very fortunate that there were no cases of Covid-19 infection in Turkey until March 11. The country's authorities prepared for the threat in advance, and effective measures were taken to combat coronavirus infection” he said.

“As at March 11, 500,000 masks a day were being produced in Turkey. In the following days, this figure rose to 2.5 million, and 10 days ago - to 8 million per day. Today, 12 million masks are produced in Turkey every day. In the coming days, the indicators will increase even more” he said. According to him, the country's pharmacies have done a great job providing the population with both medicines and masks.

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