The new week in the educational institution "School named after A. Yusupov" was marked by a bright and significant event. Without exaggeration, children and adults are waiting for it every year.⁣⁣

The charity fair is a truly kind, unifying and important event for all participants.⁣⁣

Telling children about mutual assistance, about compassion, about generosity can be done in different ways. But you must admit that they will learn this lesson best if they learn it for themselves.⁣⁣⁣

Such fairs imperceptibly but effectively bring up incredibly important qualities in the younger generation. This is the ability to empathize, share, and the ability to lend a helping hand to those in need.⁣⁣

The very fact that the schoolchildren rallied while preparing for this event says a lot. This is how the understanding comes that strength is in unity. Both the kids of the preschool department and the high school students participated on an equal footing.⁣⁣

And eminent marketers will envy the methods of doing business. Girls and boys vied with each other to share their emotions about this brightest event in their native and beloved school.⁣⁣ During the fair, children collected ₽458,287. The students donated these funds to the “Insan”

Charitable Foundation for the rehabilitation and socialization of wards with serious illnesses.⁣⁣

Working with such children requires special knowledge and great mental and physical costs. And this is also a big financial investment, which is often unbearable for the wards of the “Insan” Foundation. And this money collected at the fair, for such a good purpose, will be a real salvation for such families!

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