Thanks to our benefactors! Arslan Radjabov is already known to disabled children from among the wards of the "Insan" Foundation. At the end of last year, thanks to his support, it became possible to hold a colorful event for them. Then there was a holiday for children from the oncohematological department of the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital.

And in the holy month of Ramadan, the benefactor also decided to please his fellow countrymen, taking upon himself the costs of organizing the Tent of Ramadan. Thanks to the financial support of Arslan Rajabov, for several days all fasting people could gather for a collective fasting on the territory of the Central Juma Mosque.

Thanks to Arslan Radjabov for his constant participation in charitable projects of the "Insan" Foundation and support! May the Almighty reward you with the best and greatest!

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