The best investments are investments in human capital.⁣⁣

This strategy will never lose relevance. Therefore, the “Insan” Charitable Foundation and the “Opening Horizons” Foundation entered into an agreement on joint work. Now we are together implementing the mission of the “Opening Horizons” Foundation - helping young people to successfully start adulthood. And although it has been operating in the region for more than a year, the solemn start of this joint activity was given the other day.

On the basis of the Makhachkala boarding school No. 4, a presentation of the program "Generation Choice" was held. The choice of site is not accidental. According to the objectives of the project, these should be orphans or children left without parental care. As for the content of the program itself, it is in the nature of career guidance work for children aged 12-17 years old.

As a result of passing through all the stages, and this is before the end of the school year, children will acquire the skills of a conscious choice in every area of life.⁣

Well, the event itself was held in a very warm atmosphere. Intellectual warm-ups, quests and games were organized for children. And then all together: the children-participants discussed the results of the meeting at a charity dinner.

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