For 26 years they wandered in rented apartments. Recently, the Director of the “Insan” Foundation, Abdulla Agaliev, visited the Sagidov family to congratulate them on their new home. Jasmina is visually impaired. As part of the state program, she received a housing certificate, which was a real salvation for her and her mother. But for lack of funds, repair was possible in a very distant future.

Zukhra turned to the “Insan” Foundation for help in resolving her daughter's medical issues. But given the situation of Jasmine and her elderly mother, they were paid zakat. And also the family fell under the influence of the “Dilapidated Housing” program. So, having added up all the funds, we helped Zukhra and Jasmine with repairs. Then it will be easier for the family to cope with all the difficulties, because the main thing they already have!


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