There is a wonderful program “I am a guardian” in our foundation. Its participants not only financially support the wards. They help them develop their talents. ⠀

Umar is one of those whose dreams were destined to come true. Having learned about the young man’s addiction to confectionery, the guardians paid for courses where he could learn his favorite activity. And confess to you, he makes progress unchildishly great. The foundation team was already lucky to try the sweet delicacy from Umar. To say it was delicious is to say nothing.

Soon our ward will meet with the champion of Russia on Candy art Renat Agzamov. Could Umar think that he would someday be able to personally meet his hero? Hardly. But thanks to the timely assistance of the “I am a Guardian” program and the support of our caring friends, his desire will be fulfilled. We hope this help will be a successful start in the beginning career of Umar and he will once again please all of us with pastry masterpieces. ⠀

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