The Abdullaevs wandered around the apartments all their lives. 8 people, adults and children, , dreamed of their own corner.⁣⁣

But incomes did not even allow to dream of such a thing. The head of the family is disabled and cannot work fully. And yet, a few years ago, they were able to start building.⁣⁣

A year and a half ago, the Abdulaevs came to the “Insan” Foundation. We were bribed by the sincere intention of the wards themselves to invest in their home with all their might. They just needed a little support. And so it happened.⁣⁣

We helped raise the roof, carry out interior work. And all these months, each of the large Abdullaev family tried their best to complete the construction.⁣

Small details remain in this house - at the end of the month the family will move into their house! And the warmest wishes for all the donors of the “Insan” Foundation are from grandma Hamichi.

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